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How to leave a Google Review

A common misconception is that a Gmail account is a must to post and interact with these reviews however, this is not the case.

A. If you have a Gmail/Google account

This is great.

  1. Click on this link:
  2. The window will open and you will be able to leave us a review.
  3. If it asks to log in. Please use your Gmail or Google account credentials.

B. If you do not have a Gmail/Google account.

Then follow these simple steps to create a Google account with your existing email. After that, you will leave us and anyone a review with a simple login with your current e-mail.

  • Step 1

Click on this link:

  • Step 2

Click on “Create account” and choose For myself.

  • Step 3: Create Google Account screen

3.1. Click on “Use my current email address instead.”

3.2. Enter your current email address (Telus, Yahoo, Hotmail, Shaw, Outlook, etc.)

3.3 Create a password

3.4 Click on “Next.”

  • Step 4: Verify your email

4.1 Verify the email address you provided:

    • Check your email inbox; you should have an email from Google with a subject: Verify your email address.
    • Copy the 6-digit code from the email

    • Go back to your browser, where you must put the verification code.
    • Paste the code on the “Verify your email address” window.

4.2 Click on “Verify.”

  • Step 5: Welcome page

    • Fill in your birth date and gender. (This information is only visible to Google to verify you are legal age and honest person)
    • Please note that the phone number is optional; you need to delete the +1 in the phone field before proceeding.

    • Click Next through Next step to confirm Privacy and Terms.
    • Your Google account is ready and set. Now you can use this Google account with your email every time you would like to leave a review or use any  Google resource.
  • Step 6: The Review page
    • Fill in the review form.

    • Give a number of stars.
    • Click on things that you liked.
    • Write your feedback in your own words.
    • You can also upload a photo related to National Fence and Deck.
    • Click on the “Post” button.

That’s all! Your review is published.

Please get in touch with us if you would like our assistance!